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Here's for those people looking for the past chapters of Magics and Hierarchs.

Also, here's a list of the other chapters, and of a cool map r7 did for the continent the story take place on (we named it Alternia)

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Reader Submission: r7's Vechs Backstory:
Chapter 7: you are here
r7's map:
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Finally! Another part of this series! Yeah, I've been working on this, but it's been delayed by prompt swap and working in conjunction with r7 to do some of his chapters and some of my chapters. Chapter 8 will be a collaborative effort between the two of us, and it may come out soon.

And without further ado... Let the reading commence! Enyoy and comment if you'd like. I love to see comments from you guys.

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Thank you for the good response for chapter one.
I was kind of debating releasing this one, as it doesn't really progress the story too much, but I think it works. Nebtho relationship backstory. No need to read it if you don't approve.
Enjoy the read!

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Three dark figures approached the small city center as Guude; the leader of the small city, more of a town really, was walking from the butchers shop to his cabin on the outskirts of town. As he went in the direction of his cabin, he caught the eye of the man standing front and center. He appeared light in build, tall and, the most interesting feature, one red eye that could be clearly seen in the shadows of his cloak.
“Guude Boulderfist?” the man asked. Guude eyed the three as he slowly reached his hand down to his sword, which was hanging from his belt. The man in back must have noticed, as he began to growl at Guude. Guude heard the growl and shifted his gaze to him, revealing that his mouth, the only thing he could see beneath the cloak, contained many razor sharp teeth, which he felt could end his life in a single moment if he was unprepared for an assault. And as it was, he did feel unprepared to fight these foes. He had been helping Beef in the shop since dawn since he said that he needed help on his busiest day of the month. He and Pause had fought to see who would help him, and Guude lost by a small slip on the wet morning grass. And so, he had arrived to help Beef wet, muddy and covered in grass. But for the amount of work Beef had him doing, those were the least of his problems. He had needed to run around town delivering meat all day for Beef. Now, at nearly 10:30, he was thoroughly tired from all the lifting of bags and running he had done throughout the day. He realized he wouldn’t be able to win a fight in his condition, so he contemplated running. No, that won’t work, he told himself, feeling his legs turning to jelly just for standing out there, confronting these mysterious men.
“Etho,” one of the men whispered to the one in front, who was apparently the leader. “He was completely worn from working all day.” During this time, Guude hadn’t been the only one looking over the scene. Etho, looking around at the town center, saw only a single shop with lights still on. It was a meat shop, or so the sign said. It was the shop that Arkas had watched all day from the shadows of a nearby alley for Guude to return to pick up the meat from the butcher there. Arkas had said that the two seemed like good friends, making him a dangerous opponent as well. Etho also saw the way Guude kept changing positions slightly, showing the fatigue from the labor he had been doing all day up until just a few minutes ago. Etho also saw Guude as he tried to sneakily move his hand to the sword at his belt.
“Guude, we mean you no harm, so please do not attempt to assault us before we can have a friendly chat about this”, Etho called across the distance between them. But while he was saying this, he was drawing a sharp needle from a pocket hand arms length down his cloak. He closes his eyes, letting a shadow fall across the town center. He lined up the shot in his head, and opened his normal colored eye. He raised his hand as to call a truce, and flicked his wrist in Guude’s direction. He finally opened his red eye, lighting up the scene for Nebris and Guude, as Arkas could see perfectly well in the night. Guude recoiled slightly as he saw the needle flying for him. He tried to evade the pointed object, but its speed was too great for him. He was hit in the neck, freezing and tensing immediately, and fell to the ground.
Beef, still in the process of cleaning and closing his shop for the day, heard a loud thump from outside. Huh, he thought. Who would be out at this hour and what was that sound? He stepped away from his chopping block, holding a large cutting knife in one hand, and three small throwing knives for when he hunted in the other. He opened his door, and saw Guude lying on the ground, and three cloaked men heading for him.
“Hey!” he yelled at them. The three men looked past Guude’s still form to look at Beef, who seemed enraged by the fact that his friend had been knocked unconscious, but of course Beef had no way of knowing if he were dead or otherwise severely injured.
“What do you three think you’re doing to him?”
“Well, good sir, we are…” Etho called to the angered butcher as he let loose three kunai knives in Beef’s direction. Beef, however, saw through the ruse, and deflected the knives with his cleaver, and retaliated with a throwing knife of his own. It was a good shot, straight and true, and it hit Etho in in the left arm, creating an extremely deep gash in his upper arm, causing him to lose a hold on a few more needles and knives he held in his hand.
“Gah…” Etho cried out in pain. “You certainly are a good fighter, but this has gone on too long. Nebris, Arkas, you got the butcher?”
“Of course,” the two replied in near unison. Etho stooped to pick up the still form of Guude, while the other two cloaked men rushed Beef. The first ran at Beef but passed right by him as he swung, but paid no heed to Beef, running down a side street to a nearby stable. The second threw off his cloak to reveal his bare chest, which was at least as big, if not bigger than the massive butcher in front of him. Is that… fur? Beef thought as he threw a knife at the large man, or so he had though up to that point. Arkas easily deflected it with a razor sharp claw. He ran faster towards Beef. He lunged for his arms in an attempt to pin him to the ground, but Beef saw what his plan was. He used his cleaver to make a deep gash in the beast that was Arkas’ stomach. Arkas flinched for a single moment, and threw a frenzy of blows at the butcher. He blocked them with his cleaver, but on the final blow, the blade of his cleaver snapped from the handle. Seeing his useless handle, he threw it to the ground, hoping to get a few good blows on the beast before he went down, but Arkas’ speeds were too great for Beef and he caught an extremely forceful blow to the jaw and dropped like a rock. Arkas looked around, seeing only Etho behind him. Where was Nebris? He wondered, seeing no one else around. Just then, a carriage came careening down a street straight at Arkas and Beef. Arkas grabbed the downed butcher and leapt over the cart and horse, but landed heavily due to Beef on his shoulder. Nebris then walked calmly out of the carriage, and grabbed Guude from Etho, as Etho is a much smaller man than Nebris. Arkas and Nebris threw the two men into the back of the carriage and hopped in the back with them. Etho hopped onto the front, grabbed the reigns of the horse and called them to start off out of town. The horse moved more slowly now that there were more people in the carriage, but still made out of the town at a steady trot. And to the rest of the town, it was just another night’s sleep, until someone went by the butchers and found no one, and no answer from the house of Guude either. Everyone thought that they just went off and left their little old village, but they didn’t know what actually happened. Guude and Beef never returned to the small village they had known as home.
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